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Straighten Thin Hair

Q: I have very thin hair which is why when they grow the length is not visible. I was told that chemical straightening would highlight the length of my hair. My hair is not curly at all but has a slight wave. As I have thin hair, I was wondering if I can chemically straighten just the back of my hair, say, the last 4-5 inches.
I feel this would make my hair look better and I would be able to keep them loose without being conscious of them all the time. Since I want to perform chemical straightening at home, can you please recommend which product should I use? Would 'Wellastrate' be a good option?

A: You can do a targeted service of almost any kind on the hair, as long as you carefully plan how you will keep the chemical isolated to the area you wish to use it on. What I have a hard time picturing is the specific problem you are trying to convey. If your hair were curly, I could see how it would affect how long the hair appears, but "thinness" of the hair - which usually refers to hair density [the number of hairs per square inch] - usually doesn't change how long the hair appears, it simply means that the hair may appear straggly and unkempt more easily.
If, however, you mean "thinness" as in the texture of the hair being so fine that the hairs are less visible, I must caution you against at-home chemical procedures. I would strongly suggest you consult with a professional stylist who can physically examine and evaluate your hair, and advise you on (and assist you with) the problem you feel you have.
If your salon professional feels that your hair would respond to an at-home treatment safely, the Wellastrate product is a reasonable choice, just be sure that you select a formulation appropriate to your hair's needs. Even an at-home kit could be problematic if you choose a formula too strong for the texture of your hair.
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