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Q: I have very curly, racially mixed hair. I use a lot of different products in it for styling, and while I wash the hair daily, it doesn't seem to remove the build-up.
What are some good products you would recommend (or even home remedies) for this problem? I would really like to remove the build-up from my hair and scalp.

A: This is a common problem, and fortunately it is easily resolved. Your best solution is to visit your local beauty supply store and look for a clarifying shampoo. Such products are made by many different manufacturers.
These are deep-cleaning shampoos and conditioner formulas that are designed to remove the build-up and clean the hair more deeply than an ordinary shampoo. These are not products for daily use, and in fact, should generally be used no more often than once each week.
If you cannot find a clarifying shampoo or prefer a homeopathic option for your personal use, I offer the following recipe: Take one-half cup of your favorite shampoo and add one-quarter cup of vinegar to the shampoo. This added acidity will help to cut through oils and residue from styling products, and will help clean the hair deeply.
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