Oil-based Supplements & Hair Color

Light blonde hair
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Q: I recently began taking daily (oral capsules) omega-3 supplements for psoriasis (A flax oil, fish oil, borage oil, & primrose oil blend). To your knowledge, could this potentially affect my bi-monthly touch up in a negative way?
My hairdresser uses a very light blonde tint/foil process on my hair, only doing the crown/new growth. I would so much appreciate your input on this! Thank You!

A: It is something you should make your hair stylist aware of. While I don't anticipate any severe reactions because of the supplements, the oil-based nature of the supplements can often mean that the hair could be slightly oilier (Have you noticed any increase in the shine of your hair?) and this could affect your hair's processing time.
Your stylist may want to use a clarifying shampoo or give you some to use the night before you come in for the retouch service, in order to remove any surface oils from the hair and thereby making sure the hair color mix penetrates as expected.
As I mentioned before, I really don't expect anything to be problematic, but your stylist will be in a position to make a better determination on the subject, since he or she can actually physically examine the hair and see how the hair may have changed since the supplements were started.
So, drop by a day or two before the appointment, and ask your stylist about the situation. Let him/her look at your hair and scalp, and then follow his/her advice. If you do as he or she feels in needed, you should be fine.
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