Non-comedogenic Shampoo and Conditioner

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Q: I need to find shampoo and conditioner that is non-comedogenic because my pores get clogged easily. Can you help? Is there any brand that makes non-comedogenic shampoo and conditioner?
A: First, we should probably make sure that everyone understands just what we mean when we use the term “non-comedogenic”. The technical term for clogged pores is “comedones” and therefore any substance that clogs the pores of the skin is referred to as being “comedogenic”.
For those individuals who are especially sensitive and susceptible to acne breakouts finding products that are non-comedogenic are important in reducing the severity of their acne or preventing it altogether. The key to selecting a shampoo and conditioner that is non-comedogenic is knowing what in these products is more likely to cause problems.
However, the list of “comedogenic” substances is LONG and can be confusing, so here’s a tip for you that will make it easier: Keep it SIMPLE.
While the primary cleansing ingredients in most shampoos are non-comedogenic, many of the moisturizers, emollients and emulsifiers that are added to the products are not. Even some botanical ingredients and oils can clog pores, and are commonly found in shampoos and conditioners. So stick to products that are designed to be ultra-gentle – like baby shampoo. These products are designed to be used on delicate babies’ skin and hair, and provide more than sufficient cleansing and conditioning for the average woman’s needs.
They also have the added benefit of being more cost-effective than many of the specifically designated “non-comedogenic” shampoo products on the market. A quick internet search showed the top three responses for “non-comedogenic shampoo” to come in priced at (U.S. Dollars) $20.10, $29.00 and $4.95 respectively. This makes the $4.95 product sound like a reasonably priced option until you discover that the price is for a 2.25-ounce (63.79 grams) tube. The other prices are for 8-ounce (226.8 grams) bottles.
You should feel free to shop for and buy the product you prefer, but keeping things simple is often the best (and least expensive) option.
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