Mannequin Head & Hair Products

Cosmetology mannequin heads or training heads
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Q: I am doing Cosmetology for my senior project, so, I am using mannequin heads. I'm planning on using regular hair products (shampoo and conditioner) on the head, but what should I be using?
I don't want to ruin anymore of the head since I've cut the hair slightly shorter. Also, what hair coloring brands would be good to use?

A: If this is a mannequin head you purchased at a beauty supply store intended for use as by cosmetologists, then it is made with natural hair fibers and can be shampooed and conditioned as you would your own hair.
The hair may not be suited to chemical texture service, such as permanent waving, but you can color the hair. These tools are designed to allow the student (and professional) learn (and experiment) on natural hair, without risking damage to a client's hair.
As for which hair color brands are "good to use" that's a matter of preference. My suggestion is that you visit your beauty supply store and look through the color swatches for the different lines of hair color. Then choose the color (or colors) you like best and proceed from there.
The truth is that most hair color brands have only minor differences in their make-up, and the main differences that do exist are in the specific shades of hair colors available. Some brands offer high-gloss color results, while others offer a more matte finish, some feature colors that are more subdued and natural-looking, while others are rich, vibrant and not entirely found growing naturally on the scalp.
Your job is to determine what you want your results to be and select the colors and brands that you wish to use.
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