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Horseshoe Haircut

Q: What does a horseshoe haircut (for men) look like?
A: The "horse shoe haircut" is a variant on the traditional men's flattop haircut that has been popular among various military groups for many decades. Often, the horseshoe flattop is one of a number of styles that are categorized as "high and tight" meaning that the sides of the head are clipper cut very close to the scalp high up along the sides of the head.
In the horseshoe flattop, the top section is clippered in a flattop fashion, but the length is kept very short, so that the center of the top section is cut close to the scalp with only about 3/8ths to - inch at most left in a curve around the front of the head and sides. This results in a visible strip of scalp down the center, and when followed up with a short-shorn crown area, leaves a horseshoe-shaped patch of hair on top of the head.
These cuts, for all the simplicity of their description are among some of the more difficult to master for barbers and stylists. They are precision cuts and rely heavily on carefully planned and executed cutting. Generally, because they are so short in length, they require more frequent maintenance cuts, since the typical growth rate of a half-inch per month means that the length of the hair is doubled after two weeks.
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