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Q: I am a male who works on construction sites with a lot of dirt/dust that gets in my hair. When I get the dirt washed out, my hair is very coarse and dry no matter what shampoo I use. I apply a conditioner that restores the texture but the waves it causes are driving me crazy. I can get it to lie down but if my hair gets wet it curls all different ways, even straight up.
Years ago I had the same problem, and I found a solution in a small pink bottle that I used as a conditioner that made my hair super straight and it stayed straight. It only took a few drops each application, so the bottle lasted for years. I can't find any more of this product and I can't even remember the name. What would you recommend to get my hair to lie straight? Thanks.

A: Unfortunately, I can't identify the product you used to love either. The clue of "a small pink bottle" really is too little to go on. However, it sounds like the product was terrific, whatever it was called.
It sounds like your hair is naturally curly and that keeping it properly conditioned makes the hair assert its natural state. Presuming that you use some form of styling technique to straighten out the curl when you style your hair (like blow-drying) then what you need is a product that will help your hair hold that shape smoothly without drying out the hair in the process.
There are a couple of products that are pretty well recommended by various users, and they differ in price so you can choose what best suits your needs and budget.
First is Alterna's Hemp Straight Conditioner which helps seal the hair to retain its natural moisture and prevent humidity from destroying your style. It comes in an 8.5 ounce spherical pink bottle.
The other highly recommended product is TIGI's Bed Head Control Freak Serum (highly recommended when used with Bed Head Control Freak Shampoo and Conditioner). It comes in a 9-ounce bottle.
Both of these products are designed to be used during straight styling methods, and both are heralded as among the best for creating long-lasting straight hair styles.
If what you want is an easier to maintain straight styling solution, you may want to consider having a straight perm done if you're willing to invest in a longer-term solution.
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