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Chemical Free Relaxer

Q: I was searching for a chemical free relaxer and came across these two; Dan De cosmetics' Cleopatra natural hair straightener and Baka Beauty's Natural-Laxer. Would they work well on very wavy and frizzy hair and are they really chemical free, all-natural and harmless to the hair and scalp?
A: I have not personally used either of these products to be able to evaluate their efficacy or validate their claims as to what consists in their make-up. However, what I’ve been able to discover from research is that the products are what is known as “clay conditioner” treatments.
This means that the preparations use herbal extracts and mineral powders and compounds to create a product that will soften and smooth the hair without being as harsh as other chemical relaxer processes.
As for being truly “chemical free” that distinction depends on what is considered a “chemical”. The Baka Beauty product, at least, contains alcohol. (I wasn’t able to get a comprehensive ingredient list on the Cleopatra product.)
However, most of the product reviews I’ve seen from customers has been positive for both products. Just don’t expect to get the same kinds of results that you find from traditional relaxers.
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