Bushy Beard

Bearded man and his girlfriend
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Q: My boyfriend has decided to grow a beard, but every time he does this it gets really “bushy” and I don’t like it. Can you tell me how to tame a bushy beard? So that he doesn’t look like a hillbilly?
A: Actually, in many cases, the secret to a neat and tidy beard is the use of clippers to keep it cut to a manageable length. However, many men do enjoy longer beards, and they can get out of hand without proper care.
Like the hair on their heads, a man’s facial hair grows differently than another man’s hair may. Because of this, some men's beards look neat and tidy for a long time, while other’s start looking unkempt after only a week or two.
The first thing to remember is that this is hair. Therefore, it can be styled and groomed with many of the same products and procedures as are used on other hair. My first suggestion is to try using a styling gel (or a wax-based product, like pomade) on the beard and run a comb through it. This should help redirect any hairs that are growing and curled in an unwanted direction, and should give a smoother, more-finished look.
If the styling gel doesn’t seem to help enough, you could try “thinning” the beard with some thinning shears. The thinning shears remove a percentage of the hairs from the area where they cut and remove some of the bulk in targeted areas. This may be enough to re-tame the bear hairs, especially in combination with the styling gel.
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