Anne Hathaway's Short Haircut

Anne Hathaway's short pixie haircut
Anne Hathaway - Photos by PR Photos
Q: I absolutely love Anne Hathaway's short haircut. It looks so cute! Can you tell me more about it? Is it low maintenance and would it look good on anyone?
A: Anne's new look comes as a result of her work in the new production of Les Miserables. Since Hathaway's character in the film, Fantine, sells her hair to a wig maker and has her hair shorn on-screen. Her current look is the result of the shorn locks growing out and being reshaped.
The look is a near-traditional pixie cut, and is perfect for Hathaway's clean complexion and delicate, symmetrical features.
Such a style is great for many women who have similar facial structures, and have balanced features. The style is low-maintenance, and one benefit is the need for minimal amounts of products (shampoo, conditioner and styling products). The one consideration to consider is that the short style means that the hair will need more maintenance trimming if you want to keep it at this length.
Anne Hathaway with short shorn hair
Anne Hathaway - Photo by PR Photos
Anne Hathaway with short hair and wearing a white draped back dress
Anne Hathaway - Photo by PR Photos
It should be noted that the style may not be recommended for those who have prominent facial features (large noses or protruding chins, etc.) or who may have sparse hair density.
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