White Breakage Hairs

Hair that is turning gray
Photo: Shutterstock
Q: Hi. I would like to ask a question: My hair is turning gray gradually, but I have a problem with those little white breakage hairs. How do I fix them? Thank you.
A: When the hair loses its pigment as a part of the aging process, there can be other effects as well. The hair can become more resistant and absorb less moisture. It can become coarse and wiry, and it can sometimes become brittle.
All of these traits depend on your personal genetics and environmental factors. The breakage you see of the white hairs is probably a result of the hair becoming more resistant, absorbing less moisture and breaking as a result of dryness.
The only real thing you can do is look at what may be causing the breakage of the hair and to adjust your hair care routine accordingly. If the hair is dry and brittle because of graying, then add more conditioning to your routine. You should condition the hair every day, and in some cases, use multiple types of conditioners. Rinse-through conditioner, leave-in sprays, and shine enhancing sprays are common choices.
Remember to take into consideration the changing needs of your hair as you get older. Shampoos and conditioning treatments that are high in protein and moisturizers are necessities to strengthen and nourish the hair. Use diffusers when drying the hair and always treat your hair with care. It may grow back, but it doesn't grow that quickly.
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