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Volume for Flat Hair

Q: I just got my hair straightened and it is very straight and flat after my stylist used the hair iron. Will it be straight but fuller if I just let it air dry and not use the flat iron? Would I help the volume if I washed it sooner than within 24 hours? Thank you for any advice you can give.
A: The reason for the "time limit" or "waiting period" following most chemical services on the hair is to allow the hair time to "re-normalize" before subjecting it to treatment that could cause potential damage. In most straightening services, you are asked not to wash the hair for a period of time, because shampooing the hair too soon can strip much needed moisture from the hair before the cuticle layer has time to resettle against the hair shaft. This can cause the hair to become damaged and minimize the effect of the service you paid for.
A better suggestion would be to wait the period of time instructed and dry your hair with your head inverted in order to generate a maximum of root lift and volume in the style, without losing the smoothness of the cuticle of the hair. Refraining from using the flat iron is also a good way to keep from flattening the hair too much. You could, however, use the flat iron only on the ends of the hair if you need a smooth finish on the ends without flattening the scalp area too much.
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