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Texture Straightening

Q: What is texture straightening?
A: Texture straightening is an evolving term referring to the newer straightening systems that also modify the hair's texture as well as wave pattern. CHI makes a straightening system that they call a texture-straightening and smoothing system. Many salons now use the term to identify similar services offered through use of different makers' products.
Japanese Straightening would be considered "texture straightening" as would many of the other new systems that have been developed since. Many advances in the area of "texture services" have been achieved in recent years and individuals are able to achieve virtually any wave and texture they desire for their hair, from tight, defined coils, to soft, smooth waves, to stick-straight, silky strands.
Whenever you encounter a new phrase or term in a salon or in an advertisement, try to keep in mind the context of the terms. The two most dealt with elements of hair are the texture of the hair and the wave pattern. Most women are looking for the smoothest texture regardless of the level of wave they have.
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