Razor Bumps

Black man with an electric razor
Photo: Ienetstan/Shutterstock
Q: What kind of electric razor do you recommend to a black male with sensitive skin and rough facial hair? I've tried shaving, and I get horrible razor bumps (hair bumps) and I don't want to invest in an electric razor that doesn't work well.
A: In searching online for electric shavers for African-American men one brand and model of razor has cropped up repeatedly. This item is the Wahl Cordless Shaver for African-American Men 9345-500.
The razor is designed specifically for use by African-American men to help them achieve close, smooth shaves and prevent razor bumps and skin irritations. The model includes a beard brush that stands the whiskers up for more effective shaving.
The shaver sells for a suggested retail price of U.S. $28.99, but can be found in many retail outlets and online shopping sources for as low as U.S. $17.95. To get the best deal on this product, be sure to shop around and compare pricing and shipping charges if you opt for online purchase.
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