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Q: Hi. I bought a hair color of Keune called "Super Blonde Tinta 2000". With the color there is a packet of color booster. Do I have to mix it with the color? If yes, for what is the use of booster? Thanks.
A: I checked with the Keune website and could find no specific instruction online as to the use of their Super Blonde Tina 2000 colors. However, I have to believe that the use of the booster should have been explained in the instructions that came with the product. This is why it is so important to do your homework before using these chemical hair products.
Keune Tinta hair coloring

That being said, the odds are that the color booster works in one of two ways. It is either meant as an additive to place in the color formula before it is applied to the hair, or it is a product to be kept in reserve to use later when you feel the hair color is fading or growing dull. Many companies include conditioning packets in their products that are meant to be used weekly to keep the hair shiny and lustrous and therefore keep the hair color looking fresh. This could be something similar.
As I said, I cannot be sure, given that I have a lack of information and am unable to find the answers from the company website. If you cannot find the original product packaging, try returning to the shop where you purchased the product and check the packaging of the products on the shelf.
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