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Hair color touch up
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Q: I have been getting my long hair highlighted for a long time by my friend who was a professional hair colorist. When she did touch ups (with a cap) my hair was all the same color. Unfortunately, she moved away.
Now that I am using a new salon, she uses foils. My hair is different colors from all the re-growth. My question is can I dye my hair back to dark brown and start new highlights. By the way, my hair is very good condition.

A: It's surprising that your new stylist is apparently unable to isolate your highlights for retouching when she uses the foil method, since that is usually one of the benefits of foil highlights (the ability to target specific segments of hair).
However, there are different levels of competence and as long as you are happy with the service you receive, there is no reason for me to make any disparaging comment.
That being said, if your hair is in very good condition, as you say, you should have no problem dyeing your hair to a uniform base color and restarting the highlight process from a fresh base.
You may want to discuss the plan with your stylist before attempting something like this on your own, in order to get a professional assessment of your hair's condition. Remember, your stylist will have first-hand experience and knowledge of how your hair reacts to color and how quickly it will process.
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