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Fine Hair & Textured Look

Q: I have fine hair and I am wondering if there is a product I can put in my hair to get the textured look. Everything I've tried is either too greasy or doesn't separate the strands like I would like.
American Crew spray gel A: Perhaps the problem is the techniques you are using to style the hair. If you use a spray gel or mousse, you can blow dry the hair then use a light misting of hairspray and your fingers or a wide tooth comb to get a very textured look.
Of course, this all depends on the length of your hair and the particular way in which the hair is cut. You haven't given enough information for me to know exactly what you want. And many of the techniques and tricks used to create a textured look are suited to a certain range of hair lengths only. If the hair is longer or shorter then the tips for creating a textured look often need to be changed.
If what you want is simply "fuller looking" hair, then you can try a texturing gel or spray, and dry the hair fully to add a "coating" on each hair strand and give the hair a defined, textured look.
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