Lessen Red Tone in Hair

Girl with red shoulder length hair
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Q: Hello. I have red hair, and I really don't like that. But also I don't like coloring hair. Is there another way to just lessen that red tone, with some coloring shampoo or something like that? Also, can hair color be changed by nutrition that we take?
A: Use of a coloring shampoo to subtly tint the hair is an option that works for many people. The trouble is that some don't like the slowness of the color change or don't feel that the change is significant enough.
You might consider using a temporary color product to alter the color of your hair. These products provide more immediate results and will not permanently alter the hair's color. This is both a positive and a negative for some people. It does mean that the color can be tried with no commitment, but it also means that if the color is one you like, then you have to re-apply the product every time you shampoo your hair.
Another option you can consider is the idea of having a color glaze or tone applied to the hair. This is a permanent color process, but instead of dramatically changing the color of the hair, you simply add a toning color to make a slight change in the original color. Glazes and toners can be used to intensify an existing color, mute a color that seems too bold or simply add shine enhancers to the hair.
As far as nutritional intake and the effects it has on hair color, it should be said that apart from the needs of good nutrition to grow healthy hair, very little color change can be affected through changes in the diet.
There are some foods and dietary supplements that can cause a "staining" or "tinting" effect (such as excessive doses of beta carotene) in the skin and hair, but given that the discoloration would show up in the skin long before becoming visible in the hair, it is generally not the desired method of altering the hair color.
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