Terrence Jenkins Curls

Man with Terrence Jenkins inspired curls
Photo: De Repente/Shutterstock
Q: I am a black Male, and I want to get curls similar to Terrence Jenkins from "106 & Park". My hair is a mini fro right now similar to Steve Harvey.
How much hair do I need to grow and what kind of products do I need to achieve and maintain these curls?

A: From what I've been able to see from photos and brief glimpses of the performer I would estimate Mr. Jenkins' hair to be around one inch to one and a half inches in length at its longest points and tapered in the perimeter areas. If his hair has grown, I have been unable to find any photos of more recent lengths for the performer.
The textured look of Terrence J's hair looks to be a result of a gentle relaxing of the natural kinked texture of African American hair. You might look into Luster's S-Curl processing and products to give your hair a softer, relaxed texture.
As with many relaxers and soft-curl processes, the S-Curl procedure will require use of conditioners and activators to keep the hair hydrated and healthy. So, take into consideration the level of maintenance involved before you commit to any chemical processing.
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