Holding Spray

Styling short hair with comb and spray
Photo: Depositphotos
Q: Why do people need holding spray? I am doing a project.
A: Well, if by holding spray, you are referring to the styling products such as hair spray, scrunching spray or spritz, the purpose for these is to allow you to control the style in which you have arranged your hair.
Most hair sprays are used to "set" a finished style. The adhesive mist links together the hairs at various points and holds the hair in the particular style which has been created.
In some cases, the same principle is used to create a style using such products. The hair can be misted with, say, a scrunching spray and the hair is then grasped in the hands and squeezed into a configuration. You can use a hair dryer on a low setting to help to dry the hair more quickly and set the scrunched style.
Another of the benefits of hair sprays is that it can seal the hair against moisture which prevents frizz in many hair types. In addition, very curly hair can often benefit from spraying with hairspray and scrunching to keep the curls controlled and defined.
I hope this helps and good luck on your project.
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