Hairstyles for Oily Hair

Girl with oily hair
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Q: What are good hairstyles to hide oily hair? My hair gets greasy very fast, and I was wondering if certain hairstyles are better at hiding the fact that it is greasy.
A: Well, if we are talking strictly about hairstyles to hide the oily hair, then the key is going to be haircuts that mask the scalp and therefore cover the scalp area where the greatest signs of oiliness would show.
Hairstyles that have lots of volume and lift at the scalp are good choices, and the many different types of curly hairstyles can really make a difference in coping with oily hair as well.
If you're willing to make a more permanent commitment, you might consider a permanent wave to add curl to the hair. Perms also generally leave the hair a little more porous which can reduce the appearance of oiliness by soaking up the excess oil.
Many women with longer (and usually fine-textured) hair also have to contend with having their hair clump and appear stringy when it is oily. If you have this problem, you may want to consider avoiding excessively long lengths and stick to blunt cut styles. Layering generally leads to the hair being sparser at the ends which only increases the appearance of stringiness.
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