Color Entire Head Blonde

Woman with shoulder length blonde hair
Photo: Thomas Foldes/Shutterstock
Q: Hi. I am a licensed cosmetologist and my customer has a dark blonde natural hair color. We have been heavy foiling it and the overall color is a beige-blonde.
She now wants to color her entire head blonde, instead of foiling. Do you have any suggestions on the proper way to do this without looking funny? Thank you for your help...

A: Well, the application of a blonde, deposit-only hair color formula that uses a tone a few shades darker than the lightest of the highlighting will give a blending effect to the overall hair color. The existing variation in color from the repeated highlighting should provide a multi-tonal base on which to create the new color.
If there are still segments of the hair that are significantly darker than the highlighted hair, you can create a lifting color mix using the same color formula (with a 20-30 volume peroxide depending on how dark the natural color is) and use a freehand technique to apply the lifting color to the hair that needs lightening.
Allow this mixture a few minutes of processing and then use your deposit-only mixture on the already lightened hair. During the last 5-10 minutes of processing time, use your gloved fingers to blend the hair color mixtures.
Once the hair has had time to process, you should rinse, shampoo and condition the hair as normal. The resulting color should be a softened blending of the blonde tones and should give the client the color she is looking for.
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