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Crossover Hairstyles

Q: I enjoy the metro scene; messenger bag and all. I like to wear fashionable men’s clothes (and even borrow my wife’s clothes sometimes, mainly her thin knit type sweaters or something, nothing too radical). But I wanted to know what kinds of women’s haircuts would look good on a guy. I keep reading that guys do that now. I'd like something that would be, dare I say cute, but not too radical. I'd really appreciate the help!
A: The general rule of thumb when it comes to “crossover” hairstyles such as you describe is “Keep it simple.” This particularly applies when looking for hairstyles that are usually worn by women but can work for men. A good crossover look takes the basic elements and parameters of a style worn by one gender and adapts it to look correct for the other.
crossover hairstyle
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It’s not possible to give specific hairstyle names for you, since the style(s) that might be appropriate for you depends largely on your face shape, specific build, and the factors of your hair’s texture, wave pattern and density. That being said, here are some ideas to consider, though you really should speak to a stylist in person to help you verify which of the ideas – if any – are appropriate for you:
Blunt cuts: If you want your hair longer, consider a blunt cut and try to have all the hair end at the same cutting line along the lower edge of the perimeter. Longer blunt cuts offer versatility in that the hair can be worn down, or may be pulled back and gathered into a tail at the nape of the neck. Just remember that for men, a ponytail looks best when worn below the crown area of the scalp.
Undercutting: This technique involves using clippers or a razor to trim or shave a portion of the lower sections of the scalp so that the hair of the upper sections lies flatter and moves more freely. This is often done in conjunction with a blunt cut that falls around chin or jaw level. It can look especially good if the hair is wavy or has large looser curls.
Forelocks: This is a way that many men keep versatility within their hairstyles while maintaining a traditionally masculine perimeter. The sides and back are cut in traditional format, while the top section if left longer and may actually taper to its longest at the fringe area. In some cases, the fringe is allowed to fall to the chin. The length of the forward portions of the hair is styled back and over the top section, and may be crafted into a pompadour, or simply swept into a curved line that dips along one side of the head.
Circle Cut: The circle cut is the most basic of the hairstyles worn today. It’s the style from which MANY layered looks are derived, usually through adjusting the lift and angles of cutting. For a crossover, use steeper angles on the lower sections for layering and keep the upper sections in a true circle. This should allow your stylist to create a weighted zone along the ear level and above the occipital bone in the back of the skull.
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