Color Beard and Mustache

Gray beard and mustache
Photo: Stockfour/Shutterstock
Q: How can I color my salt and pepper beard and mustache gray?
A: If you want to color your beard and mustache to achieve an "all-white" gray color, I'm afraid the best you can hope for is to gradually reach a platinum blonde color through the use of bleaches and toners.
There is currently no product that will give you permanent "white" color results. You can find theatrical make-up for use in creating gray looks on stage for actors, but nothing in the realm of professional hair color.
However, if your question is actually how you can apply another color over the salt and pepper, you have a number of options. You can use one of the many available specially made hair color products for facial hair marketed to men for gray coverage.
You can also select colors from traditional hair color formulas to match your hair if desired. The only drawback is that facial hair can be resistant to color and may need to be "pre-softened" (by applying developer to the hair for a few minutes) prior to applying the color.
The thing that will be difficult is applying the color without making a mess on the skin of your face. This can be made easier by using a toothbrush to apply the color mixture, and using a hair color stain remover afterward.
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