Low Bun

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Q: I am getting married this summer, and I was hoping to style my hair in a simple low bun. The problem is that my hair is only jaw length. I have searched the net for a simple bun hair piece, but I've had no success.
I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I was hoping to find a plain simple bun, nothing with detail, or curly bits, just natural. I would be grateful for your advice!

A: I think your biggest problem is that you're over-specifying your search.
You might want to consider a more versatile look in hair pieces, such as clip-in extensions or wrap-around hair pieces (designed to wrap around and extend the length of short ponytails). Using this type of extension would allow you to create the simple bun you desire. And these can be found in very less expensive versions (made with synthetic hair).
Another option is to opt for traditional hair extensions, such as bonded (glued in) extensions or sewn-in extensions. These types of extensions are typically less-expensive than other methods of extending the hair and can generally be done in shorter periods of time. General cost is between $150 and $300 depending on the length and number of extensions, and are usually accomplished in 1-3 hours.
You could also opt for fusion extensions if you aren't on a tight budget. The fusion extensions give the most realistic look, but can be cost prohibitive for many individuals.
The key points to keep in mind in your search are that you will pay more for "natural hair" hairpieces (which are often made of animal hair such as yak hair) and still more for "human hair" hairpieces (which can come in a wide range of qualities as well).
The least expensive types of hairpieces are synthetic hairpieces which can be found in a range of qualities as well. Fortunately, new technology in making synthetic hair allows for creation of "real looking" hairpieces at a fraction of the cost of "real hair" hairpieces.
To find a good selection of options, try doing a web search using the terms "hair" and "pieces", or even "hairpieces" (using the terms as separate words will give more hits) and take a little time to investigate the sites that pop up selling hairpieces. These include everything from full wigs to wig-lets and extension pieces.
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