Yellow-Orange Hair

Highlighting hair
Photo: Tmon/Shutterstock
Q: I have a twelve-year-old daughter with beautiful straight black hair. She asked to make blond highlights on her hair, which I did about 10 months ago.
Results: now she has a yellow/orange layer of hair, and I want to get rid of it. Please, what should I do? I am afraid to keep coloring her hair and damage it even more. Should I patiently wait until her roots grow enough and then cut it?

A: You should be able to cover the yellow/orange layer by coloring her hair with a dark hair color (similar to her natural shade). Be sure to use a deposit only hair color, which will not lighten the hair any further, and should be gentle to the hair (provided it wasn't damaged badly by the highlighting process).
Be sure to make sure the hair color has a base color compatible with her natural base color (which is obviously an orange tone).
You do always have the option of waiting for the hair to grow out enough to cut away the bleached portions. However, by using the deposit only color, you can restore the natural shade of her hair without losing any length immediately.
If you still want to cut the bleached portions away later, you can do so knowing that the hair doesn't have to be cut as short in one step. You can simply cut away a few inches at a time every few months.
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