Wedding Hairstyle for Heavy-Set Woman

Wedding hair for a heavy-set woman
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Q: I am getting married in a few months. The problem is I have had the same hair style for like 15 years. It's what they call the 80s big hair poof. I have bangs also. Are there any suggestions you can recommend for me to do with my hair on my big day? I am a heavyset woman with a round face.
A: Unfortunately, I don't have enough information here to make specific suggestions on hairstyles for you. I'm also generally unable to do such here because of the space considerations and the fact that giving specific hairstyle suggestions would become an all-consuming proposition once the emails from people wanting free expert opinions started pouring in. I do hope you understand the limitations we have to operate under. I can, however, give you some tips on selecting a style for your big day.
Choosing your wedding hairstyle should follow the same rules as choosing a hairstyle for your everyday life. There are several things to consider: facial shape, build and body type, the balance of the features, as well as the hair's texture, wave pattern, growth patterns, and density. In deciding on a wedding hairstyle, you also have to consider the length of the hair you're working with.
Generally, I suggest that a woman doesn't go too far different in her wedding hairstyle from her normal look. Make sure that your wedding style reflects your personality the way your everyday style would. For women who normally wear wavy hairstyles, their wedding style could simply involve adding more curl to their existing style. For women who have straight and sleek hair, they may choose to wear their hair up in a sleek and tight twist, or other smooth up-style.
One thing to bear in mind as a heavyset woman with a round face is that you want to add height and keep the sides low in volume and close to the head. This will help to elongate the round face and give it a slimmer appearance.
If you have longer hair, you may want to try a partial up-style, bringing the side up and back to the crown area, and securing it in a twist or small bun, allowing the back to hang in curls. The top and bangs can be curled and given more volume.
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