Wash Out Hair Dye

Young woman who is washing her hair
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Q: I dyed my hair yesterday, and I do not like the color. It's too dark for me. I usually dye my hair natural light brown, natural medium brown and natural dark brown as they suit my skin tone. I dyed my hair yesterday in a natural darkest brown and my hair looks black.
I am going to wash it every day of this week, and I hope some of it will wash out. I will condition it well as my hair is natural and if I wash it every day of the week it goes all dry and fly away. So I normally wash it twice a week to keep it in good condition. Please can you inform me if I wash my hair every day that some of the dye will wash out?

A: Generally speaking, permanent hair color tends to fade only if the hair is porous. If your hair is indeed porous, you can simply shampoo the hair a few times and monitor the lightening effect on the hair. If, however, the hair isn't porous, you may need to take different measures to lighten the color results you have.
This can be accomplished using what is called a "peroxide cap". You can obtain a small bottle of 30-volume peroxide developer from your local beauty supply store and mix equal parts of the peroxide with your favorite shampoo.
Apply the mixture to your wet hair and massage into lather. Allow the lather to sit on the hair for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly from the hair. Follow it up with your favorite conditioner.
After conditioning, dry the hair and examine the color. You can repeat the process as needed, provided your hair is not showing signs of dryness or damage.
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