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Thinning Out Curly Hair

Q: Will thinning out my curly hair make it larger and puffier?
A: This all depends on how much the hair is thinned and the lengths along the hair shaft at which the thinning is executed. When curly hair is cut shorter, the loss of length to the hair shaft (and subsequent weight) allows the individual hairs to curl more and draw up into tighter curls. This can result in added volume and "puffiness" in the hairstyle.
With longer hair that is curly, thinning the hair properly can help to prevent the pyramid shape in the hairstyle, and leave the hair easier to manage and less prone to tangles.
The key to thinning the hair properly is to not make the thinning cuts too near the scalp. As a general rule, thinning cuts should be made within the central third of the length of the hair shaft. Shorter hair should be thinned by making cuts along the central point of the shaft, and longer hair (which may need additional thinning) can be cut at the point one-third of the distance from the scalp and one-third of the distance from the end of the shaft.
The above rules apply to the use of thinning shears on the hair to thin the hair and remove bulk. There are other methods of thinning and texturing the hair, such as using a razor and using the scissors in point-cutting and slithering techniques. Of these latter three techniques only point-cutting is appropriate for curly hair. Razoring and slithering performed on curly hair can lead to split ends and add to the problems of frizz.
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