Hairstyle for a Short Forehead

Caesar cut hair for men
Photo: Julia Tsokur/Shutterstock
Q: I'm a guy with medium-length black hair, with a 6:4 side parting. Unlike most of my male friends, I have a short forehead (shorter length between the eyebrows and the hair than them).
I have always wondered what kind of hairstyle would suit me. Please give me some advice. Thanks!

A: The selection of a suitable hairstyle involves consideration of several factors. You have to look not only at the length of the hair, but at the shape of the face, overall build of the individual, the balance of facial features, and the texture, density and wave pattern of the hair.
To be honest, the only information I can give you is that with a short forehead, you want to avoid a hairstyle that has long bangs or hangs onto the face in such a way as to make the forehead appear even shorter.
If you are interested in going with a shorter hairstyle, you might consider a Caesar Cut short back and sides with a little extra length at the top and crown area, combed forward to hang just a little over the forehead, or with the fringe in front comb upward.
If you feel you really want longer bangs, make certain that they are well textured by the stylist and don't complete cover the forehead. Thinner, choppy bangs or wispy ones will give you the best of both worlds.
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