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Long Shag Hairstyle & Ponytail

Q: I’ve got boring hair so I want to try out a ‘long shag’ hairstyle. I’ve found this info about it: {copyrighted material, not shown}. I’m not sure if that’s the way it will turn out because although I want a different hairstyle, I want to be able to put it in a ponytail.
A: The "long shag" hairstyle, also called the "long layered style" has been around for ages and is a highly-flattering style for many face shapes and hair types. It is especially popular with women (and some men) who have thick, wavy hair, and want a style with a lot of movement.
Yet, the style isn't just suited to thick, wavy hair. Many people with fine hair like the feel and look of long layers. They also appreciate the added fullness they can achieve in styling the long layered cut.
medium long shag
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You can still have a long shag cut and wear the hair in a pony tail. All that has to be done is pull the hair back into the pony tail first, then slide out a segment of the hair from the front hairline (the furthest point possible from the ponytail), lay it flat to the head and bring it back to the ponytail so that you can cut a length guide of sufficient length to make sure you will be able to pull all of the hair back in the finished cut.
Since the cut is created by bringing the hair from lower areas of the head up to a stationary guide at the top, the hair's layers grow longer as you move down the head. This means that no matter how much hair is cut from the head, as long as your front guide cut can reach the point where it can be gathered into a ponytail, the rest of the hair will also be long enough to do the same.
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