Lighter Hair Color

Hair coloring bowl
Photo: Stockshakir/Shutterstock
Q: I recently dyed my hair black, and I regret it. Can I dye it dark brown effectively without having to lighten my hair first, and should I wait a certain amount of time before doing so?
A: Provided that you used a permanent hair dye to dye your hair black, there will be no way to dye it a lighter color without using a lightening product of some kind. The good news is that if you only intend to lift the color a few shades lighter, you don't have to perform a separate lightening process before re-coloring.
You simply need to visit your beauty supply store and select the hair color you want and mix it with a 30-volume peroxide developer in equal parts. After applying the color mixture and covering the hair with a plastic cap, be sure to use a hair dryer to warm the hair and maximize the lifting action.
Be sure to review our articles on Hair Coloring and pay attention to the base colors of the black hair dye you used as well as the new color to avoid any unfortunate results.
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