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Q: My natural hair color is dark brown. I started dying my hair two years ago. Since that time I have damaged it massively. First, I bleached it, and the second day dyed it platinum. My hair was kind of long. I repeated this operation every 4 weeks during 7 months. After that, due to a request for my job, I had to dye my hair chocolate brown.
After three weeks I bleached it again and dyed it platinum. A month later I was asked again to dye my hair; this time it was dark brown! I dyed it dark brown and 2 weeks later I bleached it again and dyed it back platinum blonde. For 7 more months I continued to bleach and dye my hair platinum every 4 weeks.
After this, I dyed my hair "dark intensive red" (that's what's written on the box). I've been dying it such for the past 8 months. Today, my hair looks good, my ends are dry but it's ok. I use shampoo and conditioner (Dove Intense Care) and a hair masque (Londa - Londial Harmony) and blow dry my hair. By the way, my ends are almost black, I have no idea why! When I colored my hair red, my ends got very dark (almost black).
Ok... so the big question is: how could I turn from this color to a uniform platinum blonde (that metallic white, that Aguilera had in "Dirty") without damaging my hair (too much)? Please help me!

A: First, I have to confess that I am in shock at the amount of processing you've put your hair through in such a short period of time, particularly the bleaching processes. Given what you have described, I would NOT recommend trying to lighten your hair again on your own.
I have said this before, and I repeat it here because this is definitely a case where it is appropriate. You should always visit a professional stylist for extreme hair color processes. The main reason is that a professional can make a better judgment as to whether your hair is in suitable condition to undergo the kind of hair coloring you want.
At the very least, a professional stylist can perform a strand test to make sure that the hair won't be so badly damaged by the process as to cause catastrophic damage to the hair. You should under no circumstances attempt the color process you are asking about on your own.
I gather from your message that your employer often asks or requires you to alter your hair color. Given the severity of the damage you've already undergone, perhaps you should consider investing in a few quality wigs.
A few good, human-hair wigs could be acquired and would make it so that you could satisfy your employer's requests without harming your own hair. Human hair wigs can be colored any way you desire, and even custom colored if you cannot find a color you desire.
Using wigs for a period of time to allow your own hair to grow out and become healthy again is a very good idea. I hope you will at least consider it.
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