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Make Curly Hair Straight

Q: My name is Shannon and I have curly hair. I got a perm about 8 months ago. I have a very expensive straightener and I straighten my hair every morning for about 2 hours but in 1 hour, it goes back to curly. I was just going to wait until the perm wore off, but it's not! What can I do to make my hair go back to straight - forever?
A: Well if your hair is straight naturally and has only become curly due to the perm, you can simply visit your salon and ask for a thio-straightening service to remove the remnants of the perm and restore the straightness of your hair. The thio-straightening is chemically the same as a perm, and can be used to reverse the rearrangement of the wave pattern created by the original perm service.
Once this is done, you will find that the straightening done using your heat appliance will be much longer lasting, and the results should be even smoother than before. I do recommend that you take a look at our article on flat iron styling for tips on getting the best results and preventing damage to your hair.
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