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Fix Hair Colour

Q: My hair colour has gone wrong. A year ago I had highlights done on my hair and after 6 months I dyed it a dark red colour. Three weeks ago I asked my hairdresser to remove the colour and give me a dark to medium ash blonde colour. She removed the colour with bleach and 30-volume peroxide, the colour was yellow-orange. She then coloured my hair. The colour was not what I wanted it came out brown-red colour. After 3 weeks it is now a light orange-brown colour. How can I fix the colour myself without using a hair-colour remover, as I feel it will damage my hair? How can I slowly colour my hair to a medium ash blonde colour. My hair is 70% white and my natural colour medium brown. I need desperately your advice.
A: Having spoken on this subject for you before, I know you have been through a bit of frustration concerning your hair.
The first concern seems to be to make sure to neutralize the orange tone of your hair, while lightening the hair somewhat. Given the number of processes your hair has been subjected to, I do suggest you continue to use professional services. However, it may be best to find a hairdresser who is more experienced in coloring hair.
The best course of action I can suggest at this point is to use a haircolor that is at least level 7 with a blue base color with a 30-volume developer. You may need to have the color processed under a dryer to increase the amount of lift offered from the developer.
As always, be sure that a strand test is performed prior to the service to make sure the hair will respond appropriately to the process without damage to the hair.
Using the 30-volume developer should offer a few levels of lightening, while the blue base color should counter the orange tone of the current color leaving you more of the color you desire. If, however, the new stylist/colorist who is going to perform the service disagrees with me, you may want to defer to her/him, since he/she will have the benefit of hands-on analysis of the hair.
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