Curl Thick Straight Hair

Woman with thick straight hair
Photo: Katya Yacenco/Shutterstock
Q: How do I get my dead straight, thick hair, to curl a bit or flick at the sides? When I get out of the shower and towel-dry it, it looks great and is all flicky at the side. It has more body, but then it goes flat and straight and it almost looks like I have a bowl haircut.
How do I get it to stay the way it is when I dry it? Can you recommend any products to help, please?

A: It sounds like you need to get a good conditioner with a protein and moisture-rich formula to help restore the hair's moisture levels and elasticity. Be sure to use the conditioner daily, even when you don't shampoo.
As for styling products, I suggest a spray gel or mousse to offer lightweight hold. By applying the product to the hair before you finish towel drying it, you will allow the hair to have the style you want, without weighing it down with product and flattening it out. Then as the hair dries the product will help hold the hair in the style you prefer.
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