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Q: Do I have to wait until a bad color grows out to get new color? More than 2 months ago I colored at home. A small section of my gray turned green. It's in the front of my hair which makes it very noticeable.
My colorist has been using a black hair rinse to cover it. She says that the hair must grow and then she'll cut out the green. I don't want to cut my hair, but I'd like nice highlights for the summer. Is continuing to rinse my hair black or cutting out the hair my only options? I look forward to hearing from you.

A: No, using a black color rinse or cutting out the off color result should not be the only options your colorist offers.
What surprises me is that your stylist hasn't discussed with you the possibility of doing a color correction service. If the colorist is actually experienced to any degree, she should be able to simply add a red-based toning color and neutralize the green results.
I recommend you speak with her about her reasons for simply covering up the bad color result, as opposed to correcting the color. If the colorist cannot give you a reasonable explanation for not correcting the color (such as concern over the condition of your hair and potential damage from an additional permanent color process) I advise you to seek out another colorist.
Personally, if your hair is in healthy condition, I recommend making a selection for the color and highlights you want to have for the summer then perform any correction needed afterward. This seems to me to be a better course of action than correcting the green color now, and having to make adjustments again after adding highlights.
Be aware, however, that if your hair is in damaged condition, you may have to forgo highlighting the hair in order to prevent further damage to the hair. In addition, if you are ever tempted to try another home coloring process, be sure to read our articles on hair coloring so that you can hopefully avoid having such problems in the future.
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