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Carmine Gotti Haircut

Q: If I went to the hair salon and asked them to cut my hair like Carmine Gotti (the tape-up) what would I tell them I wanted?
A: Well, if you want ANY particular hairstyle, the best thing to do is take a photo to show the stylist. Given the sheer number of photos available on the internet of Carmine Gotti, you should have no trouble find one that you can use.
Carmine Gotti
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Apart from that, young Mr. Gotti's haircut seems to be a modified version of the circle cut. His hair is cut in to a traditional men's cut at the perimeter of the hair (following the hairline) but the inner lengths of the hair are cut into uniform layers using a traveling guide.
What makes the hairstyle so distinct in comparison with other uniform-layer styles is that this style appears to be blown-dry using a round brush to lift the hair at the roots for maximum volume, and to direct the hair up toward the crown of the head on all sides. There is a little tapering in the layers at the nape of the neck from shortest at the hair line to a length equal to the rest of the hair at the occipital bone. The styling process also uses a lot of product. High-hold gel for blowing the hair dry, then probably mousse to give the standing locks the "wet look" and then a misting of spritz to hold the hair in place.
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