Your Guide To Hoop Earrings

Beyonce wearring hoop earrings
Beyonce - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Small or big, flat or rounded, silver, gold or neon…hoop earrings are one of those fashion classics that you can never go wrong with. Look around you, at some point you’ve definitely seen some celebrity or the other flashing a pair of stylish hoop earrings.
• Go J-Lo!
Probably the coolest diva to sport the ever fashionable hoops! Wear it J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) style, with a bling pair of hoops and look as stylish as her. The bigger the better. The perfect look for a night out, a pair of jeans, a sexy top and add the jazz with your hoops. Wear a simple top, and wear a crystal studded pair of hoops so your face looks like its sparkling. You can complete the look with a J-Lo style bowler’s hat.
• Bring on the Golden Girls
Gold hoops are a forever style staple. Wear smaller hoops if you don’t like changing your earrings on a regular basis. They go with everything, and aren’t over-the-top for work either. Get a medium size pair for a slightly dressier look at work. Matte finish or shiny gold completely depends on you though. A larger pair of golden hoops would be the perfect way to dress up an outfit.
• Neon 80’s
The 80’s are ruling the roost with style, and although I’m not a neon fan, I love neon hoops in every shape and size. Don’t try to pair neon hoops with a formal outfit…they usually look tacky. But pair them with any casual outfit, and you should be sweet. A pair of jeans and a simple baby doll tee shirt is casual; but add the hoops to it, and you’ve gone from cute to cute and sexy in minutes. But but but, please colour-coordinate! Don’t wear pink earrings with a yellow outfit!
• Size-wise!
Large jumbo hoops are best left for going out. They tend to look either too dressy for work or too casual. Buy jumbo hoops with bling crystals, diamantes, bright neons or plain silver or gold. Medium or smaller hoops are best for a more formal and understated look. They’re also better for regular wear, and probably best in silver or gold. Also, if you have a long slender neck, hoops will look great on you and you needn’t shy away from the jumbo J-Lo hoops either. But if you’re neck is shorter, a smaller pair is a better idea.
• Matching Faces
If you have a smaller face, stay away from over-large hoops, as they will look like they’re weighing your face down. If you have an oval face, almost any size hoops should look good, especially if you have a slender neck. If you have a round face, hoops might end up making your face more round so I would suggest danglers instead.
Hoops look great with pretty much any sort of outfit. You just need to pair the right sort of hoops with the right outfit and you will look great no matter what hoops you wear. If you’re not sure what sort of hoops to buy : take my advice and buy a small to medium size pair of silver hoops. They are so versatile. You can wear anywhere with anything and the perfect saviour for all those times you don’t know what earrings to wear with that pretty top!