Ecletic Dolls by Claire Higgs

Eclectic hairstyles
Polar opposites attract with Essensuals' creations, where straight and smooth meet wavy and kinky. Transitioning from sleek smoothness to luxurious, sexy waves, these hairstyles captivate the imagination with the graceful flow of bangs and the dramatic definition of undercurls.

Exposed Ears

Hairstyle with exposed ears and crimped waves
Unique and striking, this blonde hairstyle features short clipped hair, exposing the ears. The top showcases small crimped waves that gracefully frame the face, reaching down to the chin. Achieve this enchanting effect of smoothness and waves by using styling lotion

Centered Part

Short hair with a centered part
Deep in thought, the brunette model takes center stage with a centered part and playful waves cascading through the center of her hair. The back remains hidden, leaving room for imagination to flourish in this dramatic detail. Achieve this look by starting with a flat iron for sleekness at the roots, then transitioning to a crimping iron to create the desired waves.

Array of Waves

Long blonde hair with waves
The gala wouldn't be complete without the warmth of blonde hair, cascading into magnificent waves, contrasted by the splendor of smooth bangs that only straight hair can offer. Slightly textured ends add a touch of elegance to this coiffure, achieved by blow-drying the hair on top for smoothness and using a spiral iron halfway down to create fluffy ends.

Graceful Hairstyle

Graceful medium long hairstyle
A statuesque blonde, exuding grace and allure, embodies the essence of this hairstyle. The expertly edged bluntness of the bangs and ends, executed by the skilled hands of Toni & Guy, showcases their talent. Achieve this look by applying styling gel and gently blowing the bangs into place, then shaping the sides and back to complete the hairstyle.
Hair: Claire Higgs - Claire Higgs - Essensuals Hairdressing
Photographer: Tom Cooksey
Stylist: Candy Channing
Makeup: Sam Brownell