Vanessa Parise Hairstyles

Vanessa Parise is an American actress, writer and director.
  • Vanessa Parise
  • Vanessa Parise's layered shag

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The Harvard educated Vanessa enjoys her creativity in her work as and does apply some of it also to her appearance. Her hairstyles are sexy, sultry, sophisticated and often playful. She was not too shy to sport short and curly pig tails after the age of 18 and has been seen in a range of beautiful, stylish looks.
Of course a long and layered blonde mane was part of the line-up and a similar version in a deep brunette also suited her rather well. A shorter, sleek, fringed and textured haircut brought a cool elegance to her look, but Vanessa looks best in the seductive voluminous hairstyles that she can wear very long or eve at mid-length. With her slender and slightly long face a good amount of side volume is the best way to balance proportions.
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