Taylor Lautner Hairstyles

Taylor Lautner is an American actor, born February 11th 1992. He is known for his portrayal of Jacob Black in Twilight.
  • Taylor Lautner
  • Taylor Lautner with short dark hair

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The new heartthrob on the block sports a short hairdo even though we could see on the big screen how irresistible he looks with a thick mane of wild, long hair. In his daily life this amount of hair might not be practical and he is quite Lautnerlicious with his short crop. He has very thick, dark brown hair that does not need any help with the volume.
The layered, cropped haircut balances the weight evenly and Taylor can give the basic and classic cut a quick make-over with a dollop of gel, which will turn the dapper, neat look into a spiky statement of free spirited fashion. His hair is slightly longer on top than on the sides, but cut with a smooth transition. This look gives him a lot of freedom and versatility, while being practical and easy to maintain.
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