Tammy Trenta Hairstyles

Tammy Trenta is an American wealth manager. We know her from "The Apprentice".
  • Tammy Trenta

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Tammy designs and distributes stylish briefcases for women and encourages women to be successful while maintaining their femininity. Tammy of course puts her message to work for herself as well and combines success and determination with model looks and a great sense of fashion.
Her style is definitely on the classy and sophisticated side and she sports long, luxurious hair that is styled to large waves and curled ends or sleek, but always full of volume. Her hair is not layered throughout but does have a few tiers cut in the lower section and a generous tapering around the face and along the length of the sides.
The simplicity of her hairdos has this certain flair that just looks affluent and like weekends in the Hamptons, while, at the same time her look is sexy and timeless. She does not go for short lived trends and is also very loyal to her raven haircolor.
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