Tammy Townsend Hairstyles

Tammy Townsend is an American actress and singer, born on August 17th 1970.
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  • Tammy Townsend with smooth hair

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Tammy is busily building her career and looks beautiful while she does it. Her naturally curly hair was flattened and chemically straightened at various occasions but she also wears it in darling curls and small, rippled waves which come with a healthy and pretty volume.
Her slender face shape can handle a lot of opulence on the side, but with her well developed forehead she needs to be careful with too much height on top. The same applies to styles that expose her forehead strongly. A better choice are looks that have either layers with some playful strands styled into the face or as a diagonal fringe.
Upstyles are often the must have look for red carpet events and Tammy does best with styles that keep some strands loose and flirty around her face.
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