Taylor Swift's Bob Hairstyle

Taylor Swift wearing a bob hairstyle
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
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The 2015 Billboard Music Awards on May 17th brought out many top musicians, to include the award winning Taylor Swift.
She certainly did not disappoint, dressed in a sparkly white jumpsuit with cut out pieces to reveal her skin on the abdomen. With such a statement ensemble, she knew to pair it with simple earrings and a black clutch.
Here, we see the ever so lovely Miss Swift with a darker blonde hair color (darker for Taylor). Some call this dirty blonde, and call it what you will, but it definitely has ash toned strands on top of her peek-a-boo platinum pieces.
Taylor Swift bob
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
She is definitely rocking an overall edgier style for this event, from her ensemble to her makeup and her hair; she has glam-rocker written all over. If you want to be a glam-rocker too just follow the instructions below, here on hairfinder.com. Take notice of Taylor's smokey eyed make up application. See how the shadow extends under the eye and outward for a full on glam look?
Now, observe how Taylor's bob hairstyle isn't perfectly put into place. It's slightly disheveled to go along with her edgy look for the evening. Begin by applying a heat protectant and blow drying the hair straight down.
Once dry, back comb the top section for added height. Next, dip your fingers into a pliable texturizing paste and rub on the ends of the hair to make them wispy, providing the tousled hairstyle.
Taylor Swift with her dirty blonde hair in a bob
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
Taylor Swift wearing a white jumpsuit
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