Jamie Lee Curtis' Pixie Cut

Jamie Lee Curtis - Pixie cut for women with gray hair
Jamie Lee Curtis – Photos by PR Photos
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Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis makes naturally non-pigmented gray hair look edgy and chic with her cutting-edge pixie hairstyle. In the past few years, her pixie has become a characteristic that we have started to identify her with.
Her condensed cut is effortless to maintain yet is simultaneously fashionable. Jamie’s pixie is cut around her ears to keep her style clean and fresh while the layers on top give her a boost of height.
If you are a woman of a certain age and wrestling with the idea of keeping your hair its natural color but don’t want to go all-out matronly, go ahead and take this picture of Jamie to your hairstylist. You can have gray hair without losing your chic edge!
Pixie cuts - Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis – Photo by PR Photos
Pixie cut for gray hair - Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis – Photos by PR Photos
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