Kristen Bell's Updo

Kristen Bell wearing her hair in an updo
Photos by PR Photos
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Kristen Bell attended the "Couples Retreat" Premier in Los Angeles. She wore her hair in a most unusual updo. Her hair is full of a myriad of blonde and brownish tones that produce a three dimension as if on a canvas.
The beauty of blonde hair reveals every line of curl, bend and dip made when styling. Kristen's hairstyle is purposely given selective sections of lines in her hair that have been twisted from the top and crown to meet together upon the one side of the nape of her head.
There, a braid was arranged into a circle with sprigs of hair tangled around the braid. The top comes down into the obvious lines of hair and travels along the sides to be secured around the braid. The sides are also connected to the braid with the exception of a few coils left behind.
Kristen Bell's hair styled up with a braid
Photos by PR Photos
Kristen's fair complexioned skin tone is presented with high apple cheekbones that are prominently brought out by a small feather of blush. Her naturally light thick brows are subtly darkened. She has light glittery fawn eye shadow, eyeliner up and down around her eyes, lashes and mascara and her light neutral rose lip tint is as perfect as porcelain.
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