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Carla Gugino & Rachel McAdams

Carla Gugino - 08/10/2009

Side view of Carla Gugino's up to date hairstyle Carla Gugino's hairstyle has a lot of spring to the curls. For example, instead of wearing her bangs flatly upon her forehead, they have been curled to give a little bit of oomph and if stretched would only touch her eyebrows. The rest of her light and dark hues of coffee chestnut colored layers; have been curled under in small sections, while other parts have been coiled to lie upon her back. Although, her hairstyle is very up to date, because of the medium length and way it has been styled there is richness not normally seen with this type of design. I believe it could be because most of the curls fall over each other in medium structures.
Green eyes can be totally intoxicating with the right makeup that will bring the best of them out for others to see. Carla has lightly brushed eyebrows, concealor, pinkish beige shadow with warm amber brown, lots of eyeliner, lashes and mascara and brushes of bronze/blush on her cheeks and temples. There is a light pink lip tone. Her magnificent purple/magenta colored gown dips into a deep v-neckline with jeweled shoulders. She is wearing diamond earrings that are just the right touch for her gown and dark hair.
Rachel McAdams - 08/12/2009

Rachel McAdam - Side view of her short curly hairstyle Rachel McAdams keeps her light reddish brown short hair in bouncy layers that sit upon her neckline. There is a side part that brings the top over into one side to meet the gathering of curls. The other side has been brushed back and behind the ear with the bottom of the hair curled under and toward the face. Use conventional rollers for this hairstyle, directing the rollers how you would like the hair to go. Bring the rollers over on the top and under along the sides. Roll the hair under and up along the nape of the head. When dry, brush vigorously and comb into place.
There are light brown eyebrows, brown shadow, heavy eyeliner, lashes and mascara, light blush and a neutral light pink lip color.