Jordana Brewster's Ponytail

Jordana Brewster wearing her fine hair in a long ponytail
Photos by PR Photos
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Jordana Brewster brings an incredible amount of excitement and savvy to a picture. Her long rich dark hair is of a fine texture, yet there is a lot there. It looks a bit thicker due to the color that has been applied.
When a person like Jordana has a great amount of fine hair, they find that they can easily put it up into the ponytail as pictured or a knot. Depending upon the haircut it can also be easy to curl. Jordana has scratchy bangs that are scattered into pieces upon her forehead. Her ponytail has long panels of her hair wrapped around the band that keeps her ponytail intact.
There is something to say about having golden olive skin tones, because they seem to go with almost every color worn and look especially attractive in the amber, gold, reddish warm colors. Jordana wears a good amount of bronze and keeps her eyebrows a nice thick natural look.
Jordana Brewster with her hair in a ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
Jordana Brewster with a long ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
There is a warm eye shadow with eyeliner, lashes and mascara. A little bit of lip gloss sets the tone for a natural affect and goes so well with her gorgeous white dress.
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