Sharon Lawrence & Ashton Kutche Hair

Sharon Lawrence - Pixie with slithered fringe along the neckline
Sharon Lawrence
In times past, Sharon Lawrence has worn her lovely multi-toned reddish hair in longer layers and touching around the shoulders. She's given us a wakeup call with her new shorter hairstyle that has a slithered fringe along the neckline that can either lie down or flip up as seen in the photo.
The sides have a little bit of pouf due to the outstanding length of hair that is fashioned around her ears. Her pixie is shaped into a round cut and that gives her the ideal volume in the location desired. The bangs are quite short and tweaked into a semi circle that joins in with the curls that brush toward the face along the sides.
Sharon's make up is a light delight with attractively tweezed eyebrows brushed together with her auburn haircolor. There is a gentle dust of foundation and a light shadow on the upper part of the bone in her eyes. A small amount of smoky grey is seen on the lower lid that blends in with her thin eyeliner, lashes and mascara.
Her cheeks have a hint of pink and there is a neutral pink lip color adding to the sparkle in her face. The neutrality of her grey dress breaks some of the red in her hair and keeps the pink in her face at a good medium.
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher hairstyle with hair that falls over his ears
Ever popular Ashton Kutcher can be quite an original with his hairstyles. He has a natural form of waves that are cropped into layers and combed from the crown to fall below his eyebrows. Very European Ash! Perhaps the west is experimenting with their new hairstyles.
The sides are a good example of the zippy waves and there are also a few strands that fall over the ears in an attractive messy sort of way. Like the curl going along his face? I bet Demi Moore does too. The back is cut along the nape to flip up or ride around the neckline in the hair's natural design and growth pattern.
Ashton is wearing a good-looking dark grey button down shirt that gives him a mega boost for his masculine appeal.
Photos by PR Photos